David Tullberg

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I am a professional performer and Acrobatics Coach with a vast history of working with people of all ages and creating positive experiences with clients and employers while being able to work in a fun, 

effective work environment 


Diploma of Elite Dance performance Certified Acrobatic Arts instructor 

First Aid Certificate 


Acrobatics Coach 


- Acrobatics coach for multiple businesses 

- Constant interaction with students of all ages, from young pre-school children to retired adults 

- Constant interaction with newly enquiring people, discussing and explaining class structures and fees. 

Event Performer 


- Many one off contracted performing events, including hosting live performances, Master of Ceremonies for multiple events, performing, Character suit work etc. 

- All jobs in this line of work require great people skills, with a large emphasis on creating solid, positive relationships with new people, as well as being able to handle stressful, unforeseeable events and continue to create an enjoyable experience for all patrons. 

Guest/Cover Teacher 


- Was a guest teacher for many different summer schools, dance camps and cover classes throughout all my years of teaching - Being able to create great first impressions and quickly create positive relationships with new students 


The Edge Performers School 

Diploma of Elite Dance Performance 


- Diploma in elite Dance performance, under the guidance of industry professionals 

- 1 year course completed in 2016 after 2 years of fulltime privatised study 

- Studied and practiced on a full time basis, performing at multiple venues and events. 

- Constant positive interaction with people and creating a good rapport with all employers and fellow employees to create a fun, effective atmosphere for the job.