CUA40120 Certificate IV in Dance (Commercial)

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CUA40120 Certificate IV in Dance – 1 yr.  

Qualifications are offered in Partnership with Australian Teachers of Dancing RTO # 31624  

Classical Stream or Commercial stream option provides flexibility,  

however additional units can also be selected.  

This qualification reflects the role of individuals working in a wide variety of dance performance contexts.  

Classes offered: Lyrical, Commercial / Broadway Jazz, Contemporary, Classical Ballet, Broadway / Street Tap,  Hip-Hop, Acrobatics, Theatre Make-up and Hairstyling, Choreography, Dance Performance, Body  Conditioning, Pilates, Body Fitness, Safe Dance, Anatomy and Nutrition. 

Core Units  

CUACHR413 Develop choreography skills  

CUADAN313 Develop and apply dance partnering techniques  

CUADAN417 Develop expertise in dance performance techniques  

CUAPRF414 Develop movement skills for performance  

CUAPRF415 Rehearse for performances  

CUAWHS411 Apply movement and behavioural principles to conditioning


1. CUADAN413 Develop expertise in jazz dance techniques  

2. CUADAN415 Develop expertise in street dance techniques  

3. CUADAN420 Develop expertise in tap dance techniques  

4. CUADAN422 Develop dance techniques for musical theatre  

5. CUAMPF412 Develop and apply stagecraft skills  

6. CUAWHS412 Participate in gym and resistance training for performances 

7. CUAWHS413 Incorporate anatomy principles into skill development


Entry Requirements  

Individuals must complete an audition or provide another form of evidence which demonstrates their competence in  at least one dance style equivalent to Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) level 3 or above.  

This can be completed via an audition / video submission & zoom in at least one dance style. 


Contact NWDC for an application to Audition. 

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 Message from Australian Teachers of Dancing (RTO31624)

Thank you for choosing North West Dance Company to complete your CUA40120 Certificate IV in Dance.   This course will be conducted under a partnership with Australian Teachers of Dancing (ATOD), a not-for-profit organisation and one of the leading providers of nationally accredited dance teaching in Australia. 

We see this as a three-way collaboration – between you, your studio and ourselves.  As you dream big, North West Dance Company will support you to obtain your professional industry qualifications and launch your dance career – whether this is as a professional dance teacher, a successful small business owner or a performer. ATOD will monitor your progression throughout your course and ensure you meet the national requirements for training and assessing. 

Nationally recognised courses ensure a standard of excellence and provide you with a choice of Certificate and Diploma programmes.  When you begin your training, your delivery and assessment will be conducted by North West Dance Company, a highly respected industry professional. As your studies progress, North West Dance Company focuses on developing your skills further and provide you with every opportunity to achieve your goals.  

As the Registered Training Organisation, ATOD are bound by federal legislation and hold ultimate responsibility for your education. We report to government departments as necessary and ensure that North West Dance Company, complies with legislation. Once you have completed your course, we will issue you with your final certificate. 

With all of the legal information and administration covered by ATOD, North West Dance Company is able to remain creative and concentrate on your learning and on what they do best – training and assessing you in dance, dance teaching and musical theatre.  

We are excited that this three-way partnership will qualify you to reach the next level of success in your dance career and wish you the very best as you progress through your training.